Cameron Woan – rb, lb, cm

Cameron Woan


Hello, I am Cameron Woan and I want to play collegiate soccer. I started playing soccer when I was XX and have experience in all defensive positions. I take the sport seriously, and have attended soccer camps and participated in club activities since 2019. Please see my highlight reel and stats, references and experience.


Positions: Center Midfielder, Left Fullback, Right Fullback
Player #6 (Latin School) #4 (Chicago Fire Juniors)

Height: 5’11
Weight: 155 pounds
Age: 16
Born: March 24, 2005
Where: Chicago


The Latin School
Chicago: 2014 to present
High School Junior (class of 2023)

Soccer Clubs

Chicago Fire Juniors

  • 20?? to present

Latin High School

Soccer Camps

  • Harvard summer of 2021 and winter of 2022
  • Princeton summer of 2021
  • Stamford summer 2021
  • Penn summer 2021
  • Northwestern winter of 2019


Michael Mauro – Chicago Fire Coach and Assistant Coach at the University of Chicago, which reached NCAA D-III Final Four in 2021 season

A Sanchez – Latin School Coach


Soccer in the family

Ian Woan (former English professional)

Relationship: Second cousin
Clubs include Nottingham Forrest, English Premier League / Division 1.
More than 200 appearances between 1990-2000
Currently Assistant Manager at Burnley F.C.,English Premier League.

Alan Woan (former English professional)

Relationship: Great Uncle
Total of 289 appearances for Clubs include: Crystal Palace, Northampton, Norwich City, and Aldershot.

Donald Woan (former English professional)

Relationship: Great Uncle
Clubs include: Liverpool, Leyton Orient.

Other family info

Rebecca Woan – mother
(born Chicago)
University of Pennsylvania (BA)
University of Chicago (MBA)

Peter Woan – father
(born London, England)
University of York (BA)

Thank you for considering me for your team.